Essential mathematics

  1. Numbers, Numerals, Counting, place value
  2. Ordering and addition of whole numbers
  3. Subtraction of whole numbers
  4. Multiplication of whole numbers
  5. Division of whole numbers
  6. Rounding and estimating
  7. Mixed operation with whole numbers
  8. Operations involving the whole number 0
  9. Fractions
  10. Equivalent fractions
  11. Least common multiple
  12. Addition of fractions
  13. Ordering of fractions, Subtraction
  14. Addition and subtraction of mixed numbers
  15. Multiplication of fractions and mixed numbers
  16. Division of fractions and mixed numbers
  17. Decimals as numbers
  18. Addition and subtraction of decimals
  19. Multiplication of decimals
  20. Rounding and estimating
  21. Division of decimals
  22. Decimal to fraction and fraction to decimal conversions
  23. Applications involving decimals
  24. Percent
  25. More on percents
  26. Problem involving presents
  27. Percent increase or decrease
  28. Sales and property tax
  29. Commissions
  30. Discount
  31. Simple interest
  32. Units of measurement
  33. Polygons and perimeter
  34. Circles and circumference
  35. Area enclosed by polygons and circles; surface area
  36. Volumes of solids
  37. Integers
  38. Signed numbers
  39. Addition of signed numbers
  40. Subtraction of signed numbers
  41. Multiplication of signed numbers
  42. Division of signed numbers
  43. Simplest form of a rational number
  44. Mixed operations with signed numbers
  45. Applications involving signed numbers
  46. Algebraic expressions
  47. Evaluating algebraic expressions
  48. Simplifying algebraic expressions by removing combining like terms
  49. Simplifying algebraic expressions by removing symbols of grouping
  50. The language of algebra
  51. Solving linear equations using addition or subtraction
  52. Solving linear equations using multiplication or division
  53. Solving linear equations using more than one operation
  54. Simplifying first before solving linear equations
  55. Applications involving linear equations (Part I)
  56. Applications involving linear equations (Part II)
  57. Formulas
  58. Ratio and proportion
  59. More on positive integer exponents
  60. Powers of products and quotients
  61. Zero and negative integer exponents
  62. Scientific notation
  63. Basic terminology associated with polynomials
  64. Addition of polynomials
  65. Subtraction of polynomials
  66. Multiplying of polynomials
  67. Multiplying binomials
  68. Division of polynomials
  69. Review of prime factorization
  70. Common monomial factoring
  71. Factoring the difference of two squares
  72. Factoring trinomials of the form x2+bx+c
  73. Factoring quadratic trinomials of the form x2+bx+c
  74. Factoring by grouping
  75. Factoring completely
  76. Solving equations by factoring
  77. Applications involving equations
  78. Rational expressions and their simplification
  79. Multiplication and division of rational expressions
  80. Addition and subtraction of like rational expressions
  81. Least common multiple
  82. Addition and subtraction of unlike rational expressions
  83. Complex rational expressions
  84. Equation involving rational expressions
  85. Applications involving rational expressions
  86. Rectangular coordinate system
  87. Linear equations in two variables
  88. Graphing straight lines
  89. Slope of a line
  90. Linear inequalities in one variable and their graphs
  91. Linear inequalities in two variables
  92. Graphs of linear inequalities in two variables
  93. Graphical method for solving a system of linear equations
  94. Elimination method for solving a system of linear equations
  95. Substitution method for solving a system of linear equations
  96. Applications involving system of equations
  97. Square roots of nonnegative numbers
  98. Simplifying square roots of expressions without fractions
  99. Simplifying square roots of expressions with fractions
  100. Addition and subtraction of square roots
  101. Multiplication and division of square roots
  102. Equations involving square roots
  103. The standard form of a quadratic equation
  104. Solving quadratic equations by factoring
  105. Solving quadratic equations using square roots
  106. Solving quadratic equations by completing the square
  107. The quadratic formula
  108. Applications involving quadratic equations
  109. The Pythagorean theorem
  110. Terminology and notation
  111. Angels
  112. Some special pairs of angles
  113. Parallel and perpendicular lines
  114. Triangles
  115. Similar triangles
  116. Special right triangles
  117. Congruent triangles